SaaS provider: KPIs for making the right choice

June 20, 2023
SaaS provider: KPIs for making the right choice

KPIs to check with your SaaS provider

Moving to the cloud via SaaS is a great way to boost your company's productivity. These online software-as-a-service solutions enable you to increase efficiency, while reducing costs

SaaS is renowned for its smooth updates and flexibility... which explains its success. But development still has to go according to plan! 

From implementation to maintenance, including getting started, solving technical software problems and taking into account the user experience (UX), it's in your interest to choose your SaaS provider with the help of carefully selected performance indicators or KPIs.

Why choose the right SaaS provider?

In the same way that you need to choose the right invoicing tool for a start-up, there are several reasons why choosing the right SaaS provider is essential.

Their common denominator? Fostering a relationship of trust between customers and SaaS providers, now a crucial national issue.

Anticipate any software-related problems

Have you ever had a technical problem with one of your software programs or workstations? You know, that digital tool that promised to do wonders, but ended up giving you nothing but complications and wasted time?

There are several reasons why it's a good idea to check certain KPIs with a SaaS solution provider before making your choice:

  • Identify and resolve potential problems as early as possible;
  • Prevent the emergence of technical or implementation problems;
  • Offer your customers the best possible user experience (UX).

Another important point is that SaaS providers are increasingly offering all-in-one services. This means that the product affects a large part of the company's services, and integrates functionalities that have an even greater impact on productivity. So it's important to choose the right package for your needs.

Streamline SaaS development and maintenance

Implementing SaaS involves a relatively technical development process. From planning to maintenance, from launch to budgeting, you'll need a reliable, professional contact.

Your top priority? Clear, healthy communication with your chosen SaaS provider. In particular, this development company must:

  • Avoid unplanned or unanticipated expenses;
  • Limit delays in the delivery and implementation of functionalities;
  • Support and guide you through the process (including cloud integration and any other UX-related aspects).
  • Guarantee that maintenance will be carried out.

The tool should be at your service, not the other way around. Choosing a SaaS provider will also have an impact on how well you get to grips with the software, the time and energy you devote to it, and the results you achieve. 

All the more reason to select a SaaS provider based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) presented below! You can also consult our SaaS Purchasing Guide, to give yourself the best chance of success.

SaaS KPIs to look for when choosing a good service provider

KPI no. 1: delivery reliability

Delivery On Time (DOT) measures the percentage of orders delivered by the supplier on or before the agreed delivery date.

In other words: does the SaaS provider deliver its products and services on time? This is a key question, since potential delays can have a detrimental effect on company operations and productivity, or even bring certain team activities to a standstill.

Sometimes, you'll need to have a SaaS solution up and running at a given time to meet your customers' demands. Check your supplier's reliability (e.g. by consulting customer reviews) in order to : 

  • limit disruption to your company and your customers;
  • prevent damage to your reputation;
  • build a relationship of trust with your SaaS provider.

KPI no. 2: average delivery times

Also known as "Lead Time" (LT), this KPI measures the time it takes the SaaS provider to deliver an order from the moment it is placed.

The faster the provider, the more you and your customers can benefit from the interface, integrated tools and various functionalities of your software as a service. Here too, the impact in terms of customer satisfaction will be crucial.

But above all, this Lead Time KPI says a lot about the SaaS development company's level of professionalism. Are they well organized? Is their coordination optimized to respond to unforeseen events? Are lead times kept to a minimum?

In other words, the more you know about a service provider's average delivery times, the more insight you'll gain into their internal processes. 

KPI no. 3: SaaS provider responsiveness

Difficulties in use, software technical errors, incompatibility, customer requests... SaaS-related issues can be numerous, and need to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

The SaaS provider's level of responsiveness measures the speed and efficiency with which the company responds to the buyer's requests, concerns or complaints.

Combining good Lead Time and responsiveness enables a provider to :

  • adapt quickly to new situations and needs ;
  • reduce the time needed to implement or correct problems;
  • anticipate potential problems, thanks to proactive management.

KPI no. 4: total cost of ownership (TCO)

Transparency is the watchword here. The price of SaaS software includes its monetary value. Is that enough to choose a SaaS provider? Not really, and that's why TCO integrates all other costs, from acquisition to maintenance, development, implementation and use.

What's more, TCO includes the costs of upgrades, subscriptions and licenses, technical support and so on. In other words, you need to know the TCO to evaluate the provider's proposal and manage your SaaS expenses and budget.

SaaS providers can optimize TCO and costs for their customers. This means limiting superfluous expenditure, while offering genuine support in getting to grips with the tool and its long-term use.

Finally, TCO as a SaaS KPI makes it possible to : 

  • better assess the profitability of SaaS ;
  • adjust and optimize return on investment (ROI);
  • avoid hidden costs (necessary user training, regulatory compliance, etc.).

KPI no. 5: SaaS provider's capacity for innovation and proactivity

Is the supplier in the habit of introducing new products, technologies or processes that benefit the buyer? This question raises two major issues: 

  1. Will you stay at the forefront of innovation, and up to date with the latest technological developments?
  2. Will SaaS keep you competitive and ahead of your competitors?

Service providers know that it's in their interest to do more than just implement the software in the company. Ideally, they should be able to support you as your business grows, in the face of changes in the market and in your field of activity.

By encouraging continuous improvement, the SaaS professional enriches his software with new functionalities and new ways of handling it. In practical terms, this means asking for your opinion and feedback on your collaboration. 

By answering precisely, you'll be helping him to fine-tune his support. In short, a win-win relationship.

KPI no. 6: quality of customer support

The ideal solution? Work with a SaaS provider whose customer service or support team is always available, 24/7.

Despite all your service provider's know-how, you may occasionally encounter a technical difficulty, a bug, or even poor handling that paralyzes all or part of the process. 

Your specialized contact should be able to provide you with advice, best practices and problem-solving solutions.

SaaS providers who best integrate this KPI generally offer training sessions. 

The aim: to save everyone time by helping customers to get to grips with the tool, avoid false manipulations, and become autonomous as quickly as possible. This often takes the form of written or video tutorials, guides or workshops with a SaaS expert.

KPI no. 7: regulatory compliance

It would be regrettable (and costly!) to end up with a SaaS that doesn't comply with legal provisions

Make sure your supplier complies with regulatory requirements and follows good practice in data privacy and security (GDPR).

In practice: you can check that the professional is SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certified, for example. These 2 indicators enable you to check that the service provider has adopted a functional system for managing, storing and protecting even the most sensitive information.

You can easily find these elements on the SaaS provider's website. In fact, this is a recurring element of communication in this sector.

If you take the time to choose a SaaS provider on the basis of these KPIs, you'll gain significantly in efficiency. Moving to the cloud via one of these solutions involves changes, and you'll need a relationship of trust with your provider to cope. 

Remember: healthy communication with your SaaS provider is the basis of everything. If you combine the monitoring of these 7 KPIs with support from a SaaS expert like Welii, you're guaranteed to get the best out of SaaS

You can already use our Welii simulator to evaluate your SaaS expenditure, so you can rationalize your purchasing decisions.


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