About Lucca

Lucca is a mid-market company leader that develops cloud-based solutions to optimize HR and administrative processes. With over 6,000 clients and 1,500,000 users in over 50 countries, their software solutions are designed to provide simple answers to specific needs such as leave and absence management, expense reports, dematerialization of HR files, online payslip distribution, and time tracking. Lucca creates unique, user-friendly management solutions, prioritises the end user's needs and provides simple solutions for specific needs, avoiding unnecessary complexity.

The challenge

There were multiple challenges that Lucca was facing before collaborating with Welii.

They had difficulty estimating SaaS-related expenses. This is particularly problematic as there are many tools and subscriptions that may be used across different departments or teams. Without a centralised system for tracking these expenses, it can be difficult to accurately estimate the total cost of SaaS tools being used.

Additionally, the amount of SaaS solutions was increasing for Lucca, therefore complicating the process of estimating expenses and keeping track of which tools are being used which could lead to overspending and decreased visibility.  

There was also the challenge of having a lack of control over who buys what tool. This lack of control can create silos of information and cause difficulty to collaborate effectively across teams. Furthermore, Lucca struggled to identify potential savings on expenses.

Before Welii, Lucca tried to keep an inventory of SaaS tools in use in a centralised location. However, updating the inventory was more time-consuming than expected and involved too many individuals. Despite this, they discovered in their expense reports that three different departments were using the same tool with separate billing. They were also missing renewals, leading to missed significant savings potential.

The solution

With Welii in the picture, organizations can easily monitor contract renewals and ensure that no future negotiations or terminations of tools are missed. This can help organizations optimize their SaaS spending and avoid overspending on redundant or unnecessary tools. By providing visibility into which tools are being used and by whom, Welii's platform enables organizations to make informed decisions about which tools to keep or discontinue.

Additionally, Welii has the ability to promptly pinpoint contracts with the potential for substantial savings. Considering the annual expenditure on SaaS, the potential savings are noteworthy and can amount to several thousand euros. In the case of Lucca, the savings amounted to more than 200,000 euros last year.

What’s more, Welii's platform has the capability to eliminate overlaps between tools and bring structure to the purchasing processes, which can be particularly beneficial for companies like Lucca. By identifying and challenging internal needs, Welii's platform helped Lucca avoid uncontrolled spending that may have a negative impact on their budgets.

By providing visibility into which tools are being used and by whom, Welii's platform helped Lucca identify redundant or unnecessary tools and consolidate their SaaS spending. Enabling them to optimize their budgets and avoid overspending on tools that are not providing significant value.

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Is it too early to work with Welii since I don't utilize many SaaS solutions?


Shadow IT is present for a company of any size and we always identify 3x more tools than our customers thought. If you spend less than $400k annually on SaaS tools, we'll identify fewer saving opportunities than a client who spends millions, but we'll help you quickly implement a data-driven buying strategy to prevent this wasteful situation from occurring and keep you focused on your business.

Is my data secure when using Welii?


The security of your data is our primary concern. Which is why we have taken appropriate measures to protect your business.

Can I add people from different teams on the same platform?


You are free to add any budget owners or anyone involved in SaaS purchasing to streamline your procurement buying process at no additional cost to our platform.

Can I manage people onboarding and offboarding?


Managing users and identities is a separate business that we don’t do. However, to bring you value and help you with this process, we have partnered with industry leaders like Okta and Auth0 so that we can help you in your Zero Trust Identity process.

Can I use filters to analyse my SaaS inventory?


We have developed a simple and intuitive solution allowing you to analyze all your SaaS inventory data through dashboard and dynamic list views based on search criteria and filters.

I use Spendesk to pay my SaaS tools. What more will you bring us?


Spendesk is an enterprise expense management solution that allows all employees to pay for SaaS tools. Welii will provide you with insight and support to help you optimize your spending, add leverage to your negotiations, and remove the headaches associated with SaaS purchasing.