About Mention

Mention is a comprehensive tool that offers brand monitoring, social listening, and reputation management features for enterprises and agencies. With over 750,000 professionals using the app in more than 150 countries, including notable brands such as BENQ, Deliveroo, and Microsoft, Mention is recognized as a leading solution in the industry.

The tool's real-time monitoring and alerts, analytics and reporting, and collaboration features make it a valuable asset for businesses looking to stay on top of their online presence and engage with customers effectively. Mention decided to anticipate its future IT purchasing needs by using a SaaS Procurement service, like Welii.

The challenge

Before Welii joined forces, Mention was facing two major challenges that were impacting their expenses. First, the number of employees on their Data team was evolving. Second was the prevalent obstacle of having teams that are growingly rapidly resulting in frequent re-negotiations for their tool contracts.

With an opaque pricing market, negotiating and acquiring the best deals is arduous and misleading.  This is further highlighted particularly by the saturated market, often with different pricing models, making it difficult to compare solutions.

Furthermore, with the expansion of teams, it’s complicated to compare and understand the solutions that can satisfy one's needs.

The solution

Welii onboarded Mention in May 2022 to help the company reduce their IT spend by providing SSO access, optimising purchasing and negotiation topics, notifying upcoming purchases and renewals in advance and giving structure to budget owners.

By providing SSO access to the dashboard, Welii allows purchasing teams to quickly access the platform and start optimizing their IT spend within minutes. This is thanks to Welii’s platform which is designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal effort to implement and use. Within days, the first negotiation and optimization topics had already been taken care of by our purchasing team.

Once implemented, all upcoming purchases and renewals that Mention had were notified in advance, giving them ample time to prepare, even for larger projects. This feature contributes to a considerable reduction of the daily mental load, as users can have their minds at ease. During the first month of Welii’s help, a first negotiation was carried out, obtaining a 16% reduction compared to the previous price they paid.

On the budget owners' side, Welii provided structure, allowing them to anticipate renewals or compare available solutions when purchasing a tool. This feature ensures that budget owners are equipped with the right information to make informed decisions about their IT spend.

As soon as Mention’s needs were validated with our IT buyer, they could move forward on the subject in a quick and efficient manner. This ensured that all purchases were made in a timely manner, without any unnecessary delays or complications.

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Is it too early to work with Welii since I don't utilize many SaaS solutions?


Shadow IT is present for a company of any size and we always identify 3x more tools than our customers thought. If you spend less than $400k annually on SaaS tools, we'll identify fewer saving opportunities than a client who spends millions, but we'll help you quickly implement a data-driven buying strategy to prevent this wasteful situation from occurring and keep you focused on your business.

Is my data secure when using Welii?


The security of your data is our primary concern. Which is why we have taken appropriate measures to protect your business.

Can I add people from different teams on the same platform?


You are free to add any budget owners or anyone involved in SaaS purchasing to streamline your procurement buying process at no additional cost to our platform.

Can I manage people onboarding and offboarding?


Managing users and identities is a separate business that we don’t do. However, to bring you value and help you with this process, we have partnered with industry leaders like Okta and Auth0 so that we can help you in your Zero Trust Identity process.

Can I use filters to analyse my SaaS inventory?


We have developed a simple and intuitive solution allowing you to analyze all your SaaS inventory data through dashboard and dynamic list views based on search criteria and filters.

I use Spendesk to pay my SaaS tools. What more will you bring us?


Spendesk is an enterprise expense management solution that allows all employees to pay for SaaS tools. Welii will provide you with insight and support to help you optimize your spending, add leverage to your negotiations, and remove the headaches associated with SaaS purchasing.