Tech companies hiring in IT

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March 22, 2022
Tech companies hiring in IT



Easyence helps retailers create a personalized omnichannel consumer experience. Easyence's business solutions (CDP, Attribution, e-Merchandising) allow you to optimize your marketing mix, reconcile your online/offline levers, increase your conversion rates and gain in productivity.

The open position at PlayPlay: IT Manager



Qonto simplifies banking and accounting for over 220,000 businesses. With the neobank, entrepreneurs gain time, control and visibility. They also benefit from exemplary customer service and fair, transparent pricing.

The open position at Qonto: IT Technician


Implicity develops a telemedicine platform for cardiologists. This platform enables remote monitoring of patients, preventive actions and improvement of their quality of life. 

The open position at Implicity: IT Support specialist - Helpdesk


Lifen is a startup of 120 people, based in Paris, whose ambition is to facilitate the deployment of digital solutions to hospitals, doctors and patients. Since 2015, Lifen has been simplifying the sharing of medical data and has quickly established itself as the leading MSSanté operator in France with more than 400 partner institutions. Lifen sends 2 million medical documents to 120,000 doctors every month.

The open position at Lifen: IT Administrator


Datadog is the essential monitoring platform for cloud applications. They bring together data from servers, containers, databases, and third-party services to make your stack entirely observable. These capabilities help DevOps teams avoid downtime, resolve performance issues, and ensure customers are getting the best user experience.

The open position at Datadog: IT Support Technician


Shift Technology delivers the only AI-native decision automation and optimization solutions built specifically for the global insurance industry. Addressing several critical processes across the insurance policy lifecycle, the Shift Insurance Suite helps insurers achieve faster, more accurate claims and policy resolutions. 

The open position at Shift Technology: IT Support Specialist 


SpaceFill is an online warehouse storage platform that helps companies find the best storage solution, manage their goods and optimize their entire logistic schemes. They offer the best temporary storage experience on the market through : the excellence of our 3,000-storage facility network, operational expertise developed through thousands of storage projects, and a unique SaaS platform that simplifies the management of multi-actor flows.

The open position at Spacefill: IT Project Manager / Integration Manager



Hublo develops a digital platform to help hospitals, clinics and nursing homes find staff simply and efficiently, allowing them to refocus on their core mission: care.

The open position at Hublo: IT Manager


DentalMonitoring is the world’s first SAAS company to develop AI-based solutions for all dental professionals. The company has pioneered the field of connected orthodontics with the vision of helping doctors automate and virtualize everything beyond the clinical side of care, allowing all practices to apply a single efficient workflow throughout the entire patient journey.

The open position at DentalMonitoring: IT Technical Support


Flink an online supermarket revolutionizing the way you do your grocery shopping. With a wide selection of over 2,400 high-quality products, they aim to deliver to your door in minutes. They put their customers first and ensure all products delivered are fresh and nutritious. They are able to customize their national assortment to be able to offer you unique local products in every city. 

The open position at Flink: IT Support Specialist


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Is it too early to work with Welii since I don't utilize many SaaS solutions?


Shadow IT is present for a company of any size and we always identify 3x more tools than our customers thought. If you spend less than $400k annually on SaaS tools, we'll identify fewer saving opportunities than a client who spends millions, but we'll help you quickly implement a data-driven buying strategy to prevent this wasteful situation from occurring and keep you focused on your business.

Is my data secure when using Welii?


The security of your data is our primary concern. Which is why we have taken appropriate measures to protect your business.

Can I add people from different teams on the same platform?


You are free to add any budget owners or anyone involved in SaaS purchasing to streamline your procurement buying process at no additional cost to our platform.

Can I manage people onboarding and offboarding?


Managing users and identities is a separate business that we don’t do. However, to bring you value and help you with this process, we have partnered with industry leaders like Okta and Auth0 so that we can help you in your Zero Trust Identity process.

Can I use filters to analyse my SaaS inventory?


We have developed a simple and intuitive solution allowing you to analyze all your SaaS inventory data through dashboard and dynamic list views based on search criteria and filters.

I use Spendesk to pay my SaaS tools. What more will you bring us?


Spendesk is an enterprise expense management solution that allows all employees to pay for SaaS tools. Welii will provide you with insight and support to help you optimize your spending, add leverage to your negotiations, and remove the headaches associated with SaaS purchasing.