Tech companies hiring in IT

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January 27, 2022
Tech companies hiring in IT


The French Tech ecosystem continues to grow. According to the EY barometer, French startups have raised a total of €11.6 billion in 2021, more than double the previous record set in 2020. Following the latest fundraising, startups need to recruit, especially in the IT sector

Once a month, Welii brings you the best selection of startups to discover the different jobs available. Here are several job offers that might interest you !


Yubo is a safe public space designed for Generation Z to socialize and interact in real time through streaming or chat via an app. With a new generation of digital natives hyper-connected, lonely and overwhelmed by social networks, Yubo helps this generation connect with other young people around the world and get to know each other better.

The open position at Yubo: IT Manager


Wakam is a B2B insurer that designs, on a white label basis, tailor-made insurance products for its distribution partners (insurance brokers but also e-retailers, neo-banks, airlines).  

The open position at Wakam: IT Project Manager


PayFit simplifies payroll and HR processes for small and medium-sized businesses. PayFit is an automated SaaS solution to help business owners and HR professionals save time and money by allowing them to refocus on what really matters: their employees.

The open position at Payfit: IT Operations Manager 


Qonto simplifies banking and accounting for over 220,000 businesses. With the neobank, entrepreneurs gain time, control and visibility. They also benefit from exemplary customer service and fair, transparent pricing.

The open position at Qonto: IT Technician   


Combining technical excellence with digital marketing expertise, D-EDGE brings together a holistic hotel technology infrastructure under one roof. The integrated suite of solutions covers all stages of hotel distribution, including central reservation system, guest management, data intelligence, connectivity center, digital media and website creation.

The open position at D-EDGE: IT Support Specialist


Implicity develops a telemedicine platform for cardiologists. This platform enables remote monitoring of patients, preventive actions and improvement of their quality of life. 

The open position at Implicity: IT Support Specialist 


The HelloFresh mission? To change the way we eat. Inspiring and tasty recipes, a full and varied menu, fresh and seasonal ingredients, all delivered to your door and thoughtfully designed to make your life easier. The global leader in Cooking Boxes, HelloFresh distributed over 280 million meals in 2019 and reached nearly 3 million active customers in Q4 2019. 

The open position at HelloFresh: IT Manager 


Founded in 2016, transaction data analytics scale-up PayLead uses artificial intelligence to extract unrealized value from banking data. This refined data resource provides its banking and retail collaborators with invaluable customer insights while adhering to its "privacy by design" policy.

The open position at PayLead: IT Technician




Scaleway, a pioneer in cloud computing and the second largest European cloud provider, is a rapidly growing company. It offers innovative products through its Scaleway Elements public cloud ecosystem (multi-cloud), private infrastructures and colocation with Scaleway Datacenter and dedicated servers with Scaleway Dedibox.

The open position: IT Infrastructure & software project management


Alice&Bob is taking on the challenge of building an ideal quantum computer, from the first building block to the entire machine. This young startup launched in February 2020. In a very short time the team has grown from 4 to 30 people to take on this major challenge! Alice&Bob raised 3M€ in May 2020 to support its growth.

The open position: IT Technician for support level 1 & 2


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