How to ask for a discount?

April 13, 2022
How to ask for a discount?

Whether you have been getting services for a long time now or it is your first time asking for a discount is not a bad thing. However, it has become extremely difficult in these digital times where you cannot physically communicate, and the payments are directly paid through your cards or accounts. Whenever you go for online products like SaaS services or any other digital services, you must ask for a discount to get a lower cost at your end.

The right way to ask for a discount

If you do not know how to ask for a discount on the pricing to get better deals, you do not need to worry. We have done all the research for you and here is our guide on the things you need to consider when asking for a discount.

Always stay focused on your budget

One of the most common things is to stay focused on your budget. Letting the seller know that their price is out of your budget and the maximum your budget allows can help you negotiate a better discount.

See if there is a referral program available 

Different companies and stores offer a referral program. There you can refer your friend or family members, and, on their purchase, you get some discount. Ask if this program is available because you can get an additional discount this way.

Long term agreements can get you discounts

If you know what you are buying and for how long you will be needing it you can make long-term agreements. For example, some software or network connectivity services can work amazing when you get long-term agreements. The best thing here is that making long-term agreements often gets you some discount.


Being among the first customers is an amazing opportunity 

If you are among the first customers then you can ask for a discount. A business in its starting days is always looking for loyal customers and this can be your opportunity. You can also ask this from a physical store if you are their first customer for the day.

Know who to contact

Knowing who to contact for a discounted price is important because, in this digital world, you do not have access to everyone. So, make sure to reach out to the best person from all the given options. Try to establish some sort of relationship with them whether it is about playing the same sport or going to the same gym. Making this relationship transparent could work to your benefit. Look for the right time and ask that person for the discount.

Set your tone and ensure that it is polite

Once you know who to contact for better deals on the final cost, you need to start writing your email or message. You must set a very professional and polite tone so that the recipient considers your request for a discounted cost. Having a rude tone will reduce your chances of getting discounted prices, and you will not end up with a better deal.

Make sure to have all the details and facts clear

You cannot just say please and expect the other person to lessen the cost for you. It is the part where you need to back your argument or request with facts. For example, you can mention:

Any compromises you can make for a better and discounted price

The amount you will be paying

The number of products/services you will be getting

Other relevant informative factors such as informative facts.

In this way, your request will be more demonstrative.

Do your research and ask for the best price

Expecting to lower the pricing for yourself? Well, you must do your proper research. Know what other service providers cost for their activities. It is an important part of your strategy to get better deals. Making this a part of your request will bring more power to your mail, and the other person can consider offering you better deals.

Appreciating the value, you get will be beneficial

When you are making a request, make sure to mention the things that you love about the service provider. These can be the qualities that you cannot miss and say that you want to continue your services. Doing so will make the other person feel valued, and they may pay more importance to your request.

Do not forget to mention that you have been using services for a long time

If you are one of the loyal customers, then it is important to mention that you have been using the services for a long time at better pricing. Saying so about your loyalty will ensure to let them realize that you are a loyal and returning customer. This is one of the best factors of the strategy for getting better pricing options.

Do mention that you have better or cheaper options available from competitors

Everyone has alternatives, and this is one of your strongest points. Although you would love getting the services at less price, you must mention that considering some other service provider in competition for their product or service can be an option for you. However, it is a strategy you must only use if you have access to the options and can easily switch. Getting services tailored for you instead of discounts can be an option too.

One of the strategies that service providers often use is that they do not reduce the price, but they offer some additional services and products or sometimes reduce the services and products to lower the price. Accepting this can also work for you because either way you will be getting a better price.

Keep the request as short as possible

The last thing that you need to keep in your mind is that you must keep the request short and to the point. Make every detail a part of your request and keep it as precise as possible to get the best offers.

Bottom line

Asking for a discount may seem difficult, but it is exceptionally easy with this era of email communication. So, by following the tips mentioned here, you can easily design your strategy for asking for a discount and get the best discount as well.


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