French start-ups raised €5 billion in Q1

Industry Highlight
May 3, 2022
French start-ups raised €5 billion in Q1

The first quarter of 2022 saw a record fundraising for “French Tech” companies. Here is a list of some companies that raised funds.


As the first-ever Collaborative Growth Platform, they believe that joining forces makes them stronger, in business just as much as in everything else. Reveal, formerly known as Sharework, is the free platform for Partnership, Marketing, and Sales teams to generate revenue through their ecosystem. Reveal allows you to connect with companies from your ecosystem, securely compare your CRM data, and multiply up to 3X your win rate thanks to your ecosystem’s insights. 

Reveal 47M€ Series A led by global firm Insight Partners, they will invest in product innovation and continue to build a platform. They will grow their team globally and across all teams to serve partnerships and revenue professionals around the world, and spread the vision of Collaborative Growth. Then they will expand The Collaborative Growth Academy.


Sweep is a company founded in April 2021. Through its SaaS software, it allows companies to accurately calculate the carbon emissions of each of their branches, both internal and external. Its solution promotes the connection and sharing of information between suppliers, partners, customers and companies.

Sweep raised 66,6 M€ in their series B, a growing team across Europe and the US. This will give them more power to help corporate and financial organizations deal with their carbon data problem and take action to build a cleaner future.


Greenly is a leading technology company specialized in helping organizations lower their carbon emissions. Greenly’s mission is simple: accelerate the development of the technology to enable each company to better monitor and control their CO2 emissions.The company’s platform automates carbon accounting in full compliance with international reporting standards (CDP, GHG, and TCFD) and the platform targets SMEs as a way to disrupt the industry.

Greenly raised 21M€ to continue the development of its SaaS software that allows SMEs to easily perform their carbon footprint. Its software also includes a recommendation tool offering less carbon-intensive alternatives to companies.


Helios is the first ecobank, a new banking model, aligned with the climate. Their mission is to clean up banking and reverse the trend of the banking industry by financing a more just and environmentally friendly world. They are not like other banks, their financing is transparent and oriented towards the ecological transition, only.

Helios, committed to limiting global warming, announced today that it has raised 9M€ from several investors to develop its offer and strengthen its teams.


Skillup is a SaaS software to help HR manage interviews, training and GPEC. Their missions are to engage employees and managers with an intuitive tool, give back to the HR department an impactful role by reducing the administrative management.

Skill up raised 8M€, the funds raised will allow them to strengthen the team by recruiting 200 people by the end of 2024, to complete the functional coverage of the product and to accelerate our development in France and in Europe.


HeyTeam is a People Ops platform that streamlines the employee journey: from onboarding to offboarding and every key moment in between. The solution allows People teams to create personalized and collaborative workflows at scale, leading to an increase in employee recognition and retention. Our solution is based on the management of key moments.

HeyTeam raised 10M€ which will allow them to accelerate their growth and develop their technology. They will be able to accelerate their internationalization and be able to support more companies with their HR challenges.


CardioRenal is developing a platform that allows physicians to optimize patient treatment through remote monitoring of key blood biomarkers. They are dedicated to improving the quality of treatment for heart failure patients through the use of state-of-the art technology (expert systems, real-time diagnosis, microfluidics, etc.) combined with top medical expertise.

CardioRenal raises 3,3M€ for its future connected device.


Ocode develops a marking and authentication solution using blockchain. Ocode makes each object unique and an anonymous means of communication to protect its owner from theft, forgetfulness, loss and abuse. Ocode is a physical NFT, in other words a physical and indelible marking of the object.

Ocode raised 3M€ euros to finance its growth.


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